Dylan Emery

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Guest Name: Dylan Emery
Location: London
Years improvising: 16 – although my first improv was actually 32 years ago when my amazing English teacher would do impro classes once a week.
Team affiliations: The Showstoppers, Grand Theft Impro, The Crunchy Frog Collective, The School of Night, Ghost Couple, The London 50-Hour Improvathons, Extempore Theatre.
Improv style: Theatrical. Ambitious. Well-acted or well clowned. Unexpected.
Website: www.dylanemery.com
Twitter: @dylanemery
Additional notes: Something to watch Рthe brilliant Kurt Smeaton and his impro/sketch troupe Falcon Powder made a series of educational webcasts called The Whole Truths. First episode of six: Wolves. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tND1J13xXH4

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